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All About About Page Copywriting Course

7 self-paced modules to DIY copywriting your own smashing About page

Taught by Jay Crisp Crow - Copywriting Queen and Copy Consultant
What about if our business has a team?

If you have a team the same basic principles apply to them. People like dealing with people, so this is an important part of your About page. Team profiles should include qualifications, achievements and a little bit about their personal lives — hobbies and interests. Don’t get too intimate or allow one team member to be obtuse and another to overshare. It’s often a good idea for your staff to write their own profiles just as long as they are edited for consistency and professionalism.

Shouldn’t I use words that make me sound more intelligent?

No, use words you would in a sentence. You don’t want a mismatch between how you sound on your website and how you speak when you do start working with a client, or that will breed mistrust in your new relationship.

Do I need to think about SEO and optimise it?

Yes, always optimise. But never sacrifice content for keywords. There are great courses online for SEO but just focus on your keyword for this page, use it in your headers, mention it 4 -5 times, use it in your metatag, and pop it in your alt-tags for your images. Here’s where I see people make a boo boo all the time – if you don’t have a ripper keyword term to use – try your name.

My name is 800 times more Google searched than my next relevant keyword (which ranks fairly well on Google too!)

Won't a conversational tone lessen the overall perceived professionalism of my website?

If your reader is visiting your About page, they want to know the real humans behind the business. That's the only reason they're there. If you are impersonal or overly professional, you stand to lose the connection you've worked so hard to build.

What do I do if I am completely stuck with the opening section or headline?

Ask a question. If in doubt, ask a question. If statements aren't your thing, get your reader to answer "yes!" in their head instead.

It's not perfect! What do I do?

Publish it anyway. It's your story - you're allowed to edit it whenever you like. Published is better than perfect.

I think I need a little extra support...

Three times a year I'll be running a live group coaching to support those who'd like to do this course with some serious hand-holding. 

If you'd like to go on the waitlist for the live course, click here. 

I like what I've got but I now want someone else to do it.

Let's talk.

I offer done-for-you intuitive copywriting for About pages, and you can even bundle them (and get a sweet deal) by purchasing a package.